Death to Art?

November 19, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

The summer I got my very first DSLR one of the first places I rushed to for photos was 5 Pointz in Long Island City, NY. This enormous work of art was one of my favorite places to explore. Just to walk around and stare in awe. Ever detail wonderfully colorful and well thought. I heard the news a bit late about the people of 5 Pointz loosing the battle against the money hungry condo developers that now own and will demolish this amazing collection of talent. You could see it from the 7 train and now, white paint covers the murals created by artists that didn't ask for anything. Just wanted to express themselves. But of course, if it doesn't turn a profit, it has no room in this city. . .I guess. It's a sad day for art, self expression and release; a reality check I guess. These photos are a bit outdated since they were taken a few years back from that first summer I got my camera, my form of self expression; and these might not have been there in the end. But here is how we should all remember 5 Pointz. 



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