Cartagena, Colombia

March 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

WARNING: You WILL fall in love with this city. It is full of culture and history. Hot during the day and cool and breezy at night. Surrounded by a huge fort wall and if you are a history buff you will love the tours of the city. Once you learn a bit about it, it will enchant you with it's hidden little secrets. Greg and I stayed inside the walled city of Cartagena and for the first couple of days just took some time to get to know the streets and walk around to check out the scene. I will say, it seemed like every night the celebration was somewhere different and everyone seemed to be in on it. The party would literally be on the street sometimes. Musicians would play while they walk even sing to people it was like something out of a movie. 

It's also cool that a beautiful, quiet and white sand beach is never too far away. Islas del Rosario is about an hour speed boat ride out of the city. But let me tell you, it is absolutely worth it. We went on the boat with Gente del Mar who took us to their private beach on the island. We were pretty much the only ones there. It was the definition of R&R. Another beach we ventured to was Playa Blanca. Off of a local neighborhood of cheery and very friendly people. This beach felt more like a play all day beach. The water was clear and the perfect temperature, the waves were just enough to really have some fun in and there are little huts where the locals set up small bars for the urge for a cuba libre =) *Since this beach is a local's beach it was public and there are quite a few vendors around. I would suggest the hold off on buying anything until the very end of your trip here. So you are not bombarded. 

Overall we had the best and most relaxing time on our week stay here. It really is such a beautiful and colorful place. I would go again and again and again if I could. The people are so cheery and warm and the food was phenomenal. If it's not on your travel bucket list it needs to be. 



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