San Diego, California

June 07, 2016  •  1 Comment

Alright! First let me start by saying that I recently went on my very first visit to the state of California. Boy, did it not disappoint. Being a New Yorker, for years I've heard people rave about California so much so that I thought - is it just hype? You know when people talk so much about a restaurant that it makes you not want to go? no? just me? ok anywho. Who knew they were all right??!! I fell IN LOVE with California ! Granted I only made it to San Diego but I've been back for two days and I am planning my next trip out there with Greg as we speak. 

We did so much but it didn't feel rushed at all which is the best type of trip in my opinion. We went to The children's Pool in La Jolla and watched the seals do absolutely nothing and it was amazing! lol really, those things are so darn cute I could not stop watching them. walked around for a little and did a bit of shopping. Checked out a brewery . Oh! one for the coolest parts was eating brunch and the Hotel del Coronado and strolling onto the beach from our table with our bellies fool of deliciousness and feeling like a little seal sun bathing on the sand. =p Brunch here is a must. Even just going to check out the hotel is a must. It's HUGE and so beautiful. Speaking of huge and beautiful we took a drive to Balboa park and honestly only got to see a fraction of it. But wow it was so pretty. We made it over to the cactus and rose garden before heading out. Very very cool. 

We of course had to go on a hike and decided to check out Sunset Cliffs. WOW this place is beautiful. The ocean, the cliffs. I couldn't believe I was in the U.S. 

All in all it was an amazing trip and getting to see my best friend made it even better. I highly recommend San Diego and feel like there is so much more to see and do. Hope you enjoy my pictures! 


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