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December 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

How many times have you heard "New Year, New me". Or maybe even said it yourself. Well, I am here to say :

"New Year - New Everything!" 

2017 is going to be a year of a lot of firsts for us because Greg, Bella and I are moving! After 15 and a half years of living in New York City (for me - 11 for Greg) we have decided to pack up our life and head north. The Gabriels are re-locating to Portland, Maine! I know what you're thinking - It's so cold up there! Who cares! Portland is such a cool little city (even though it's the biggest city in Maine) with so much art, culture and yes, food to offer. If we don't try it now - will we ever?


Greg and I have been searching for years for a place to re-locate to. Nothing seemed right enough to commit to - until we went back to Maine in September for a quick anniversary trip. We visited Maine about 5 years ago but stayed in Old Orchard beach, hung out at Kennebunk Port and shopped at Freeport. In fact, I very clearly remember on our drive from Old Orchard beach to Freeport Greg mentioning Portland and how it's such a cool city and me thinking .... eh, let skip it this time. So when we went back up there in September I bit my tongue alright. Portland is AWESOME! 

The food scene for one - Are you kidding me? Sea food is not the only game in town. Their restaurants are up to par with any of the ones I've been to in NYC. Greg is in the restaurant business and well it was sort of a no brainer for him. 

But what would I do? 

Well, it took me all of a couple of weeks to find a job up there. Can you believe it?! I couldn't. 

We have been incredibly lucky in New York. Let's face it I grew up here.I lived and went to high school in Washington Heights, dormed in college in the Bronx and our first home together has been in Queens. We have always been surrounded by friends and family. Our life here is not bad and NYC will always - always be a huge chunk of my heart. But it's time to move on. Search for a different way of life. Don't get me wrong I will be coming back to feel that hustle and bustle rush of the city but I think that for now - we will explore something different and see what other places may have in store for us. 

We are so excited and so terrified but we are ready for this new adventure together. 

I was looking through archives of my photos last night and came across some pictures of our very first visit to Maine in 2011. 


If you want to take a look at our most recent trip to Maine as well click here


And a very healthy and Happy New Years to all! 






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