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First ALMOST full week in Maine

January 12, 2017  •  1 Comment


Our movers came to pick up our furniture on Monday and well, they are still not here (grr) so we have no furniture, no TV, no internet... pretty much just our bed and a tiny monitor with an antenna to watch local channels. I am NOT complaining - I swear! Just wanted to paint a picture here. We are starting the adjustment process here. So far we have found a coffee shop with WI-FI which I am sitting in right now writing this post, a few pretty awesome grocery stores, an awesome breakfast spot and a nearby hiking trail! 

We got here Monday night to a nice cool 8 degrees and we thought - well great. However, yesterday surprised us when we woke up to a beautiful sunny day. At around noon the temperature rose to a wonderful 55 degrees. Greg and I looked at each other and said...hike?... Hike! Yup people, we went for a hike. Now I am kicking myself because my camera is still packed up somewhere so I wasn't able to document this beautiful hike with anything other than my iPhone camera. So the quality isn't wonderful but anyone that knows me knows I just can't help myself. I needed to take the photos no matter what I had. It was just so beautiful. Of course my iPhone camera does not do this hike justice but I still wanted to share with you guys.    

Greg made me a walking stick 😛

Oh hey!





Lourdes Maragh(non-registered)
It looks so beautiful. You guys are going to blend in so well!!! With all my heart I want to wish you two a great adventure in your life
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