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Snow Weekend Recap!

February 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Hello and Happy Valentine's day!

This post was super spontaneous and I'll admit mostly for my close friends and fam to give them a quick update on our snowed in weekend. This is not a Valentine's day post. It just so happened to coincide so sorry =)

Anywho, here is a mini weekend recap since I pretty much had a 5 day weekend YIKES! Most of the time we were in our home keeping cozy because the snow outside was coming down hard. But we did manage to enjoy our last snow day yesterday and adventured to the park with Bella for some fun. The snow went up and over my knees! Even poor Bella was sinking. Luckily she has a little deer sprint in her (if you saw her Instagram story you know what I'm talking about ;p ) She LOVED every second of it. Greg wanted to take charge of the camera which is why he's not in here so I said sure honey and he documented a glimpse of our snow day in the park. 


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