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NY NY - weekend back home

June 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

"Come on, let me show you the trees I use to climb"

Said my uncle as we walked into Fort Tryon Park. A park in my old neighborhood of Washington Heights. It's become a bit of a thing lately... us taking walks in the neighborhood I grew up in whenever I visit NYC. He's the only one of us left there and I am grateful for that because it seems in the last few years SO many things in my life have changed. 

It's always bittersweet going back. On one hand I am happy that it's doing better, building new spaces and businesses that will help the community.

Seeing where you grew up becoming a better version of itself. But on the other hand, coming back to what you feel is home and almost not recognizing it can be a bit sad. Looking for the pizza place you use to frequent after school, or that character walking down the street talking to himself LOL ( just me?) Washington Heights is not the NYC you see on TV ;p 

Anyways, enough of the goosh. I love walking my old neighborhood, passing my first job and watching people still enjoying the parks near my high school. some things never change no matter what the place looks like. 

That's my uncle =)  I took this pic 5 seconds after he said that sentence. I just felt I had to! 

My very first job was working in this pharmacy 

On the flip side, I stayed with my mother in law in her home in Long Island and it is crazy to see the contrast of where I grew up and where my husband Greg grew up. We took a little trip to Old Westbury Gardens. The location of the Phipps Mansion. If you ever get the chance to go to such a place, take it. We took the tour and learned so much about how these people lived when they were there and it was fascinating! 

This place was beautiful and was prepping for a wedding that day. Can you say dream? 






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